Look what the horse dragged in...


Hello and welcome to the return of This domain has been, since the year 2000, a dumping ground for "miscellaneous stuff" of mine. Unfortunately, it was unmaintained (and mostly offline) for most of that time, due partly to an unresponsive hosting service and partly to my lack of desire to deal with moving the domain. Now that the domain has moved to a more capable hoster (in mid-2007), the intention is to make this site a dumping ground for even more miscellaneous stuff than before! Examples include gaming material, e.g. free games and game-related graphics, and various computing-related resources, e.g. free software and material for 3rd-party software.

How this site is arranged:

This site is broken down into a small number of general categories, all of which have a menu entry at the top of this site. As you navigate those, you may see a new menu pop up on the left and/or right of the site. These menus are "context sensitive", in that they pertain only to that particular sub-part of this site.

Browser compatibility:

This site in general doesn't need a powerful browser, as it makes no global use of Javascript or Flash or similar technologies. It should even work on very small screens, such as 640x480 pixels (it actually even works fairly well on a Sony PSP, which is 480x272). That said, it does make heavy use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for coloring and font styling, and will not look so pretty in text-based browsers (e.g. lynx and links) and other browsers which do not support relatively recent CSS standards (but it will work in such browsers!). Some specific parts of this web site may use Javascript, and those parts may require Mozilla or Firefox (or compatible), but the site as a whole does not rely on on any client-side scripting features. In any case, if it doesn't look right in your browser and your browser is one of MSIE, Opera, or Safari, then i honestly don't give a damn; industrial-strength browsers are free for the taking, so go get one.