The WHCL Scripting Engine/Language

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echo 'Hello, world!'

WHCL is the Command Language.

The current "state of the art" of cwal is demonstrated in its s2 and (as of early 2022) whcl scripting languages. WHCL (pronounced "whickle" or, depending on the time of day, "wahockle" (with a long "o")) is cwal's fourth scripting language. It's strongly influenced by TCL but is more strongly-typed, using cwal's data type system. It's easy to embed in any C or C++ software, is relatively memory-light, and is quite fast. It not nearly as memory-light as its sibling, s2, but that extra memory gains it a great deal of speed compared to s2 (evaluation speed is easily s2's biggest bugbear, due to its lowest-memory-use-possible approach to processing its inputs). Syntactically it's nothing at all like s2, adopting a "command-style" approach akin to TCL and Unix shells, compared to s2's distinctly JavaScript-esque syntax. In terms of data types, it's almost exactly like s2, and most of s2's class-level infrastructure was simply copied, pasted, and renamed for reuse in whcl.