Rudimentary jQuery tabs demo

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These links demonstrate that one can change tabs via controls other than the tab headers themselves:
switch to tab 1, switch to tab 2, switch to tab 3, switch to special/hidden tab
Welcome to the BogoTabs plugin for jQuery.

What jQuery needs now is yet another tabbed interface plugin. Yeah, right!

This plugin was inspired by the idTabs plugin, but i had problems with that plugin in the Konqueror browser and i find its overall technique a bit iffy because it uses implied tab identifiers instead of explicit ones, making the code more difficult to understand/maintain (IMO).

Main features:

That's about it, really. Not many features, but that also means not much room for bugs.

Missing features:

The script code for THIS page looks something like:

Download latest BogoTabs source code or browse it here:
(Appears to not work in Konqueror?)
Sample style sheet code for use with bogotabs - download or browse it here:
(Appears to not work in Konqueror?)
This tab's selection button is suppressed (not generated), and therefore this tab is only accessible via the "programmatic approach", which requires the client code to call $('#HiddenTab')[0].activateTab().