jQuery Confirmer Plugin

Confirmer is a plugin for jQuery which implements a novel approach to the process of confirming an action. Normally this is achieved via a yes/no dialog box or a button with a "confirm" checkbox next to it. The Confirmer plugin instead sets up a single button which changes to a "confirm the action" state if it is clicked one time. If the button is clicked again within a specified time then the action is confirmed, otherwise it times out and returns to its initial state.

If you would like to see a standalone demo, click here.

License: Public Domain

Filename Size (bytes)
confirmer-20070724.jquery.yuimin.js 1763
confirmer-20070724.jquery.pack.js 1671
confirmer-20070724.jquery.min.js 1995
confirmer-20070724.jquery.js 6844
confirmer-20070717.jquery.yuimin.js 1522
confirmer-20070717.jquery.pack.js 1518
confirmer-20070717.jquery.min.js 1724
confirmer-20070717.jquery.js 5627

What the various *.js files are:
  • *.jquery.js or jquery.PLUGIN_NAME.js = the full-fledged, human-readable/editable source code files, including documentation for using the code.
  • *.pack.js = "packed" source code files, meaning they are optimized for maximum space savings (which also means obfuscated). They are created using one of the packers derived from http://dean.edwards.name/packer/.
  • *.min.js = source code files "minimized" for space savings using jsmin. They are not obfuscated, but are nonetheless not intended for human consumption.
  • *.yuimin.js = similar to the .min.js files, but these are compressed using the YUI minifier, which claims to be less error-prone than the conventional PACK method and smaller than normal MINinification. They are obfuscated, not intended for human consumption.
When deploying applications which use this code, the compressed versions are recommended, as they help reduce the download time of the application. Also, combining multiple scripts into a single file can notably reduce the download overhead.

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