Stuff for Google v8

Google v8 is an open source JavaScript engine implemented in C++. It's fairly easy to use and it compiles on my computer (WebKit doesn't), so i quite like it. Here's my little corner of the net for v8-related stuff...

v8-juice: a toolkit for extending v8

v8-juice is a library based on v8, providing implementations for some commonly-needed features, such as:
  • A uniform, client-extensible, and typesafe conversion framework for "casting" between JS and C++ types.
  • Simplifies the process of creating JS equivalents for C++ classes (i.e. "class binding").
  • A plugins API, for adding new functionality at runtime. It has several plugins, e.g. JavaScript bindings for sqlite3, ncurses, and i/o classes.
v8-juice is hosted at: