parse0x: C++0x parser generator library

parse0x is an experimental parser toolkit for C++0x-compliant C++ compilers, conceptually based very much on Dr. Colin Hirsch's PEGTL library, but stripped of the error reporting facilities that library has. (This makes it much smaller but also not terribly useful for tracking errors.) It is similar to libraries like Boost.Spirit but is much, much smaller in scope. It requires C++0x support, which is currently only available in beta form. Try gcc 4.3.

This package's source code is available for download below, or from its source repository:

parse0x's documentation is maintained via the Wiki at the above link and in the API docs in the header files.

This source code is released into the Public Domain by its author, Stephan Beal (

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
parse0x-2008.05.24.tar.gz 30879 2009.07.27
parse0x-2008.05.12.tar.gz 21914 2009.07.27