Stuff for GNU Readline

libreadline_cpp is a very small C++ library which implements an API similar to the most basic functions of GNU Readline. The difference, however, is that behind that abstraction it supports various I/O backends: GNU Readline, editline, a genuine copy of BSD's libedit (editline is a forked relative of that code), or, as a a last resort, plain old stdin/stdout. This abstraction allows a bit more license flexibility than linking directly to GNU Readline does (which is GPL software) while allowing a developer to locally take advantage of GNU Readline (arguably the "killer app" of command-line input libraries) where Readline is available.

The library only supports the most basic i/o features of Readline (and workalikes), and does not directly support things like custom tab completion handlers.

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
libreadline_cpp-2005.12.22.tar.gz 11854 2009.07.27
libreadline_cpp-2004.11.29.tar.gz 11480 2009.07.27

This software's "default implementation" (to use stdout/stdin for i/o) is released into the Public Domain. If it is linked with GNU Readline then the resulting binary necessarily falls under the GNU GPL.