Stuff for sqlite3

sqlite3 is a slick embedded SQL server written in C. It's easy to use, powerful, and quite fast.

Here you can find "sqlite3x" and "sq3", two different C++ wrapper APIs for working with sqlite3 databases.

These two independent APIs are different in nature but are distributed together because they are maintained together. Their only dependencies are sqlite3 and the STL. Both APIs are small enough that copying them into arbitrary project trees should pose no logistical problem.

sqlite3x is a hacked, cleaned-up, and documented copy of Cory Nelson's sqlite3x C++ wrapper around the sqlite3 API. sq3 has a similar API but does not use exceptions.

This code does not come with a "configure" script. Edit the top of the Makefile to set the path to your sqlite3 installation and it "should build" on GCC-hosting *nix platforms. Run 'make doxygen' to build the API documentation.

License: The sqlite3x code (sqlite3x*.?pp) follows a zlib-like license (see sqlite3x.hpp for the complete text) and the sq3 code (sq3*.?pp) is public domain.

Source Code:

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
libsqlite3x-2007.10.18.tar.gz 68335 2009.07.27
libsqlite3x-2007.08.10.tar.gz 67371 2009.07.27
libsqlite3x-2007.02.14.tar.gz 60834 2009.07.27


Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
overview-sqlite3x-sq3-2007.08.10.pdf 95157 2009.07.27
overview-sqlite3x-sq3-2007.08.10.odt 32848 2009.07.27
overview-sqlite3x-sq3-2007.06.01.pdf 78161 2009.07.27
overview-sqlite3x-sq3-2007.06.01.odt 26631 2009.07.27
overview-sqlite3x-sq3-2007.01.25.pdf 215564 2009.07.27
overview-sqlite3x-sq3-2007.01.25.odt 26645 2009.07.27
libsqlite3x-2007.10.18-doxygen.tar.gz 163866 2009.07.27
libsqlite3x-2007.08.10-doxygen.tar.gz 162787 2009.07.27
libsqlite3x-2007.01.25-doxygen.tar.gz 158986 2009.07.27

sqlite3 wrapper for JavaScript

If for some strange reason you want to use sqlite3 from JavaScript, i've written a couple wrappers for that as well:

sqlite3 wrapper for MFC

This wrapper is nearly identical to the sq3 wrapper downloadable above, but was written to use the MFC CString class and the UTF-16 sqlite3 API, which simply means that it is usable under Unicode-using Windows platforms which have a CString implementation and sqlite3 library. The code is in the public domain.

Achtung: this code is no longer maintained as i no longer have access to MS Windows/MSVC. i will happily accept fixes to this code, but i cannot personally test them.

Source Code:

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D) 12772 2009.07.27