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Boardgame Prototyping Interface (BPI)


That said...

This prototype is for exploring the possibility of using JavaScript and AJAX techniques to implement an application for testing/prototyping custom board games, along the lines of the long-defunct QUB and V_MAP projects. It does not aspire to be a network-playable boardgame interface, but instead to provide me with a quick/easy way to setting up new games for playtesting purposes.

This software is being developed by wanderinghorse.net using the amazing jQuery AJAX/AHAH toolkit and the jQuery Interface Elements plugin. They are both pretty amazing. All graphics and source code are in the Public Domain, with the exception of the jQuery and Interface Elements code, both of which have a dual MIT/GPL license. Developers who may be interesting in helping to work on BPI are welcomed to get in touch. If there is enough interest (yeah, right!) we can set up a project on SourceForge, or similar.


Missing features/Bugs:

Potential Features:


The complete sources to this application are here: BoardgamePrototypingInterface-20070717.zip

If you have a web server running PHP (4 or 5 should do, but 5 is a safer bet) then you can use the index.php file to run the application. If you do not have a web server, you can use bpi.html, which is a pre-generated, static copy of the application.

When unpacking this zip file, be sure to keep the directory structure intact so that the map and unit graphics are in the proper place. Then simply open up bpi.html in your web browser (see above for browser compatibility notes!).