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Fudge is a flexible roleplaying system which has been available for free on the net since the mid 1990's. Its simple, elegant rules satisfactorily tackle a number of philosophically difficult problems which plague nearly all other game systems, such as "how do we deal with differently-sized combatants" [answer: Fudge "scale" system] and "how do we deal with combat damage" [answer: the Fudge wounds system].

This page has some links to material which i've written for Fudge and some adaptions of other freely-available Fudge material. To make the content as accessible/copyable/editable as possible, it is distributed in its original format - OpenDocument Text (ODT). This format is supported by a number of word processors, most notably OpenOffice, which is available absolutely free for *NIX, Windows, and Mac OS/X. For those who are ODT-phobic, some of the documents are available in PDF format.

Fudge Legal Notice:

About Fudge: Fudge is a roleplaying game written by Steffan O'Sullivan, with extensive input from the Usenet community of and other online forums. The core rules of Fudge are available free on the Internet at and other sites. Fudge was designed to be customized, and may be used with any gaming genre. Fudge gamemasters and game designers are encouraged to modify Fudge to suit their needs, and to share their modifications and additions with the Fudge community.

The Fudge game system is copyrighted ©2000 by Grey Ghost Press, Inc. and is available for use under the Open Game License. See the website for more information.

Fudge System Reference Document

The Fudge System Reference Document contains the core Fudge rules, as released by Grey Ghost Games. The document here is, in terms of content, identical to the RTF-format doc available from Grey Ghost, but is instead distributed in OpenDocument Format:

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
FudgeSRD.tex.gz 177415 2009.07.27
FudgeSRD.odt 192547 2009.07.27

The TeX format was done by Rob "Omar" Knop (author of JV_MAP, a clone of V_MAP, if my memory is correct), and is distributed here for the sake of having a backup. TeX can be converted using a number of tools to produce, e.g. PDF, Postscript, or HTML versions of Fudge.

Fantasy Campaign World

My Bloody Friggin Campaign describes a fairly detailed (over 50 pages) fantasy campaign world where "the times they are a-changin'" and magic is becoming the driving force behind an emerging Information Age. It has been in development since 2002 (or so) and gets updated every now and then. It contains a significant amount of detail regarding people, places, cultures, histories, events, and adventure seeds. The only thing missing is a map of the world, and that is intentionally left out. Like Fudge, it is released under the terms of the Open Game License. While it is specifically called a Fudge campaign, there are actually very few Fudge-specific references in it - it can just as easily be used with any given roleplaying system.

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
MyBloodyFrigginCampaign.pdf 531330 2009.07.27
MyBloodyFrigginCampaign.odt 143965 2009.07.27

Character sheets

Here are some minimalistic character sheets for Fudge. They are laid out to take up only half of a page. The front side has areas for Attributes, Skills, Equipment, and Wounds, which leaves you with the back side for stuff like the character's story. They're A4 sized, but they'll probably fit on U.S. letter as well.

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
FudgeCharSheet-A4-Halfpage.pdf 14076 2009.07.27
FudgeCharSheet-A4-Halfpage.odt 9247 2009.07.27

In case it's not obvious, the wound chart is formatted such that you should write the number of wound boxes to the left side of each wound category and use hash marks to note wounds to the right of the category. e.g. in the cell which says "___ S:" you could write "3 S:" to denote that the character has 3 Scratch boxes, and then use hash marks next to the 'S' to denote the actual wounds.

Yet Another Gramarye

Yet Another Gramarye is a refinement of Carl Cravens' The Gramarye, tweaked to suit my tastes.

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
YetAnotherGramarye.pdf 187578 2009.07.27
YetAnotherGramarye.odt 47558 2009.07.27

"Omar" has a list of spells which are designed for the original Gramarye, and also are compatible with this one.

Yet Another Five-point Fudge

Yet Another Five-point Fudge is a minor adaptation of the Five-point Fudge rules presented in the Fudge System Reference Document. Basically it's the original 5PF without the rules for the clunky magic system described in the original. Over time the plan is to expand the Skill/Gift/Fault lists to cover more genres, providing a complete base character generation document for near-arbitrary Fudge games.

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
YetAnotherFivePointFudge.pdf 216348 2009.07.27
YetAnotherFivePointFudge.odt 63267 2009.07.27

For the technical people in the crowd, here's some additional stuff for Five-point Fudge:

Here is an SQL file for sqlite3 containing a collection of skills, Gifts and Faults from Five-point Fudge. To import into sqlite3, simply do: sqlite3 5pf.db < 5pf.sqlite
This database is the master used for updating Yet Another Five-point Fudge (see above).

5pf.sqlite (48246 bytes, last modified 2009.Jul.27)

Also for sqlite3, a native C++ function which can be bound to sqlite3 to "roll dF dice". (dF dice are those used by Fudge.) Just include the supplied code into your application. It needs the STL, but it could be fairly easily adapted to work with plain old C.

sqlite3_dF.cpp (2422 bytes, last modified 2009.Jul.27)

C++ code

Aside from the sqlite3 code, above, here is a collection of Fudge-related utility source code (all Public Domain) which i have written over the years. It includes a small app for rolling dF and classes for handing wound charts, handling collections of dice ("dice bags"), and similar stuff. It also provides optional code for adding serialization support using libs11n.

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
fudge-cplusplus-20070530.tar.gz 11999 2009.07.27

That code requires only the C++ STL, so it "should" work with any modern C++ compiler.



Even though the Fudge system is free, i encourage true Fudge fans to purchase one or more products from their favourite Fudge dealer, such as Grey Ghost Games (a long-time champion of the Fudge cause and the only known producers of real Fudge Dice).