Random Words Generator

This page hosts source code for generating random lists of words. Why on earth would you want to do that? The intention is that these words can be used as names for characters, cities, planets, etc. in roleplaying games, but they have also proven valuable, for example, in conjunction with computer games.

Disclaimer: i did not write any of this software. i have collected it over the years from various sites. It comes with no warrany and i cannot promise any support for it.


  • Chris Pound wrote a slick (though slightly archaic) set of small tools (implemented in Perl) for generating random words. It reads in arbitrary text, disects the words, and glues them back together to create new words. Thus the output can be "flavored" by using input text in a language of the user's choice. The following tarball contains his tools, lots of sample input text (taken from the Gutenberg Project), and a Makefile which demonstrates how to use the tools. For more details see the README, and for a demonstration run the makefile.
    random-words-20070916.tar.gz (285237 bytes, last modified 2009.Jul.27)
  • Here's a (compressed) list of 40392 random words created from the above tools:
    randomwords.txt.gz (126275 bytes, last modified 2009.Jul.27)
  • "Names" is a tool written in the early 90's by Mike Harvey. This copy was very slightly modified from his original to get it to compile on Linux (i just renamed one function), but is otherwise Mike's original code. It works much differently than Chris Pound's generator (see above), mainly in that it requires human interaction to select desired words from the list of generated words. The code is ANSI C and "should" compile in nearly any environment. The "user interface" (if one can call it that) requires a terminal which supports ANSI escape sequences (most Unix terminals do, and a DOS terminal can be made to understand them).
    names-201.tar.gz (80945 bytes, last modified 2009.Jul.27)