Rob's Dungeon Game

Rob's Dungeon Game is a very basic, retro-style roleplaying system designed for high-fantasy roleplaying. It is strongly influenced by The Fudge System and by the first generation of roleplaying games (those from the 1970's).

RDG is in draft form. While the rules need a bit more work, playtesting, and fleshing out, the provided material should be enough for any avid dungeon hackers to get started.

License: Open Game License 1.0a

The core rules for the game are available in OpenDocument and PDF formats right here:

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
RobsDungeonGame.pdf 378941 2009.07.27
RobsDungeonGame.odt 276068 2017.05.13

Here are some of the [handful of] charts from the core book, such as dice statistics and scale charts. These are the master copies from which those in the core rules are maintained:

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
RobsDungeonGame-Charts.pdf 71658 2009.07.27
RobsDungeonGame-Charts.ods 24721 2009.07.27

And here is a tome of monsters which the PCs can smite. It is of course far from complete, but now and then i add entries to it.

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
RobsDungeonGame-Monsters.pdf 264021 2009.07.27
RobsDungeonGame-Monsters.odt 74039 2009.07.27