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pic: Stephan Beal
Email: My address will show up here (replacing this text) if your browser has JavaScript enabled. This is to help reduce the OBSCENE amount of spam i get per day by foiling harvesting robots.

Achtung Facebook Users: i do not log in to Facebook anymore and do not respond to posts sent to me there.

A Brief Autobiography:

Born in 1972 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Spent my growing-up years in Houston, Texas. Compaq relocated me to Munich, Germany in 1997, and that is where i live today. i've worked professionally with computers since 1994 and hobby-wise since Christmas Day of 1983. i typically spend all of my spare time developing software or reading/writing about it, or tinkering with boardgames, wargames, and roleplaying games (old-fashioned, pen-and-paper-and-dice games, not for the computer). In fact, this domain name (Wandering Horse) was originally conceived as the name for the gaming company i wanted to create when i was 13 or 14.

My favourite programming language is C++, but i also know my way around C, Perl, PHP, Java(tm), ECMAScript, plus a number of quasi-languages like the bash shell, SQL, XML/XSLT and "make" (truth be told, i've written some bad-ass Makefile code in my time ;). i am proficient in a wide array of computer-related skills, can play a bit of guitar, and am a fairly prolific writer when the mood strikes, but i can do basically nothing else of any practical use.

Computing is my life, and the Free Software and Open Source movement makes that possible. i have been using Free Software tools since 1994 (the phrase "open source" didn't exist at the time), and have been posting code online since about 1998. The Open Source projects i lead, take active part in, or have contributed significant amounts of noise to within the past few years include such niche-market wonders as: My CV can be found here. (Achtung: it's in German - i don't have an English copy. Since it's all to do with computing, 90% of the words are English, anyway.) My business card can be found here.

Professionally: i develop software and (when i have to) administer/maintain Unix systems. As of May 2010 am once again a full-time employee, but if you have small programming projects where you believe my skills might be useful, please get in touch. In particular i am intersted in C or C++ work on *nix platforms, but we could discuss whatever computing-related work you might need done. Due to various problems involving currency exchange rates and the filing of taxes, i cannot accept further work from American companies unless they can contract me through a non-U.S. subsidiary (preferably from the Euro Zone) or they are willing to guaranty a very lucrative contract to make up for the non-trivial costs (on my end) involved with being paid from the U.S.