Microfiction: Teeny, Tiny Works of Fiction

Ordered (mostly) newest first, except that the precise order of some of the older ones is unknown...

This Land

In a near-future U.S.A...

"Daddy, what does 'the land of the free' mean?"

The Birthday Gift

"Daddy, why did you give me a single shoe for my birthday?"

"Well, my dear child, we live in hard times and have to find joy in the little things in life. Thus I'm not going to spoil the surprise by telling you what you're getting for Christmas."

From an Apocalypse Near You...

"Dad, why are there so few lady zombies?"

"Well, that's actually kinda funny. You see, curiously, becoming a zombie does not stop the female menstruation process. When a new female zombie reaches her first menstral cycle, it "triggers" the other zombies, who then eat her."

"Dad, what's a minestrone process?"


Complicated Death

Joe Bursey, homosexual male deceased at age 27. The official report said that he died "of complications arising from his AIDS condition." That wasn't incorrect, per se, but the detail that phrasing failed to convey was the gunshot wound to Joe's head, inflicted by an extreme homophobe.

No Room

Nova Cancy, hotel proprietress, has no room for romance in her life.

Saving lives

"You saved three lives today. How does it feel?"

"I would rather have taken the lives of those who made the saving necessary."