Free Gaming Maps

Over the years i have accumulated several hundred megabytes of graphics files representing game boards and maps for various games, mostly hex-based maps for use with arbitrary war games. This page hosts a number of them. Together with the free gaming counters, these graphics provide a good starting point for designing custom games.

Linking to and redistribution of these graphics

All game board/map graphics available here are released into the Public Domain unless explicitly specified otherwise (in the form of an on-graphic license notice or a textual description under the graphic on this page). i will humbly request that you please not create links directly to the files on this server because they may be re-organized at any given time and that will break your links. If you want the graphics, feel free to download them, host them on your own server, etc. They are freely distributable, so you can even burn them to CD or print them out using a nice color laser printer and sell them if you like. Just please don't link directly to the image files on this server - link to this page instead.

Want to contribue?

If you have gaming maps which you would like to put on the internet, i will be happy to host them! The only requirement is that they be freely distributable. If you want to make them "free for non-commercial purposes" that's perfectly fine, but you need to make that clear when you contribute so that we can label those graphics as such. So, if you would like to share some of your creative works with the world, please get in touch with me. PLEASE DO NOT email me the graphics unless they are under 1MB or so! Instead, simply send me a mail noting your intentions and we will arrange a way to move the graphics around.

The maps...

Click on one of the "page" links below to see a list of thumbnails for the given page. While the images are available for download in one of JPG/PNG/GIF format, some are also available in their original XCF (Gimp) format. The XCF files are, as a general rule, much larger than the JPG/PNG images but are the full-qluality originals and can be edited with The Gimp to suit your needs.
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