BYOO: Build Your Own Ogre®

Welcome to BYOO (Build Your Own Ogre®)
"Serving 141 Ogres from our database."

BYOO (Build Your Own Ogre®) is a set of tools and data for constructing custom Ogre units for use with the Ogre line of games from Steve Jackson Games. Ogre is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and this material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy. (BYOO is not a trademark: the trailing ® symbol belongs only to the word Ogre.)

See the links in the menu for the various options. Selecting an Ogre from the Ogre list will add Ogre-specific options to the menu. Alternately, if you are using a Damned Fine Web Browser (not MSIE), you can try BYOO AJAX, which is a more-or-less full-featured application for viewing, creating, and editing Ogres.

History: BYOO originally existed in the early 2000's on a now-defunct domain. That application no longer works with newer versions of PHP, so the data was salvaged and work began on a new application (this one) in the summer of 2009.

Prism Web Application: is a Prism webapp bundle for BYOO Ajax, and can be used to launch BYOO directly from the desktop (it requires internet access to run, however). To run it from Unix-like systems, download the webapp file, then:
~> prism
to launch it the first time. After that the webapp will be unpacked somewhere system-specific, and can be run like:
~> prism -webapp
The Firefox web browser can automatically install desktop shortcuts from Prism webapp bundles, and should offer you the option to do so if you visit the BYOO Ajax page.


The sqlite SQL and database files used to create this website are here:

Filename Size (bytes) Date (Y.M.D)
byoo.sqlite3 103424 2017.03.13
byoo.sql 5439 2009.12.24
byoo-data.sql 56771 2009.08.02
The SQL files can be imported directly into sqlite3, but will need tweaking if they are to be used in another RDBMS. e.g. it uses sqlite3 triggers to calculate Ogre VP costs, and those would need to be ported. Note that the SQL files might be older than byoo.sqlite3, and will not contain any data imported into the database since their creation. If you want the most current SQL data, download the DB file and run it through sqlite3 like this:
~> echo '.dump' | sqlite3 byoo.sqlite3 > byoo-all.sql


  • Steve Jackson created the game Ogre way back in the 1970's.
  • Francisco "Cisco" Cestero created the Cisco Algorithm and most of the Ogre graphics used in this application. The graphics may be freely distributed in the context of Ogre games, but not sold. i unfortunately have no current contact info for Cisco.
  • D. Richard Hipp created sqlite, the database behind this application.
  • BYOO is implemented in the PHP5 programming language, a slick server-side language for creating dynamic websites.
  • Most of the JavaScript parts rely heavily on the amazing magic of jquery.