BYOO: Ciscos

Ciscos and Victory Points (VP)

This toolset uses "Ciscos" as a victory point value, rather than SJG point values. There is no official SJG algorithm for assigning point values to Ogres - the official VP values were assigned based on hundreds of playtest sessions. The Cisco method, named after its creator, Francisco "Cisco" Cestero, is a very simple algorithm for determining approximate Ogre point values. It produces results close to the published VP values for official SJG Ogre models, but is *much* simpler than the Henry Cobb algorithm.

The algorithm for calculating the Cisco value of an Ogre is:
 ( (2 * Treads) + (Total VP of all Gear) )
 * 5.357
 / (10 - (Ogre's MP))
The VP of "gear" (weapons and accessories) is listed in the Gear table of the database, and were apparently derived from old calculations by Cisco himself. In any case, they differ from SJG VP.

To convert Ciscos to Armor Unit Equivalents, simply divide by 10. To convert them to SJG VPs, multiply the Ciscos value by 0.6.

Using this algorithm, we get values pretty close to those published by SJG. For example:
Model     SJG VP(*)    Cisco VP(**)
Mark I    25           28
Mark II   50           57
Mark III  100          98
Mark IIIb 120          123
Fencer    125(***)     132
Fencer-B  150(***)     140
Mark IV   150          162
Mark V    150          162

(*) = Source: Ogre Miniatures Rulebook
(**) = Source: the above algorithm applied to data from our DB.
(***) = The "Ogre Minitatures Update" revised the Fencer from 140
        to 125 VP and presents the Fencer-B with 150VP.
The Cobb algorithm gets much closer to the SJ-published values, but (A) it's *much* more complicated and (B) the published values are based off of hundreds of playtest hours, not an algorithm. The Cobb algorithm used to be available on the internet in the form of a JavaScript application, but i can find no current link to it. It is available in The Ogre Book, published by SJG (and available as a PDF from their online shop). The Cobb forumula can be applied to non-Ogre units, whereas the Cisco method cannot.