From the early 1990s until late 2014 i was constantly on a keyboard, mostly programming. i would usually come home from work, sit down in front of my computer, and type until late into the night or early morning. Likewise, i often sat down on Friday night and programmed, uninterrupted, except for bio-breaks, until late Sunday night or early Monday morning, not because i had to, but because it was fun. Though i was a professional programmer and/or Unix system administrator for most of that time, i easily coded more at home than at any job.

Unfortunately, that addiction led to severe chronic RSI (inflammation of the sulcus ulnaris nerves in both arms) in late 2014 which, as of this writing (mid-2021) still limits how much i can type. As of late 2020, my only halfway significant programming is an occasional brief spurt of coding on one of my remaining personal pet projects or the Fossil SCM. It seems unlikely that i'll ever return to programming full-time.

Programming was easily my greatest joy, but let my condition be a warning to those who love their keyboard: too much of it can literally leave you physically unable to do it at all.

That said...

Here are some of the computing-related resources to be found on this site...