There Ought to be a Word...

On occasion, one is left with the distinct feeling that one's vocabulary, and perhaps one's language(s), is/are missing a specific term for which #ThereOughtToBeAWord...

for that specific irritation triggered by the #FirstWorldProblem of a set of headphones which has one defective speaker which turns on and off periodically.

for that very particular sort of anticipation which comes from having gotten software code to compile, but having not yet run it in order to find out what will need to be fixed before it works.

for that ever-so-slightly-guilty pleasure one feels when a heatwave has caused so much damage to the lawn that mowing it can be put off for at least another week.

for when one misplaces approximately three liters of hydrochloric acid and cannot, to save one's life, find it or recall where it might be.

for when one's Kickstartankommevergnügen is overshadowed by a severe RSI inflammation which keeps one from opening up the package.

 (aside from the obvious of #FirstWorldProblems) for getting out of bed just to play a game on Steam, only to find that Steam is having one of its rare outages.

for when one looks for a spoon with which to stir one's drink, puts said spoon into said drink, begins to stir, and hears a "clink, clink, clink," from that spoon colliding with another spoon which was already in one's drink to begin with.

for when one takes the time to set up a board game then, after completing the setup, decides, "nah - not up for this."

for when one suddenly comes to the realization that, though one is indeed wearing pants, one is not wearing the pants one thought one was wearing.

for when one's Christmas gift purchases are rendered unusable by their intended recipient making sudden near-term relocation plans.

for when one has a surplus of frozen pizzas to cook, but no more baking paper upon which to cook them.

when one cannot reach the peak of their joy at obtaining a new package because they are unable to find a tool suitable for opening said package.

for that specific kind of frustration triggered by the beep of one's Tinnitus perfectly matching the sound of a passing mosquito.

for a #tabletopgaming #Kickstarter project scheduled to ship in October of year X which instead ships in June of year X.

for child-proof packaging which also happens to be adult-proof.

for when one looks down at their plate[^1] expecting to see at least two more pieces of pizza, only to discover that they are all gone.

[^1] = and by plate we really mean "frozen pizza box," because why dirty a plate with a frozen pizza when the box is a perfect fit?

for when one purchases a game and plays it for more than 11 hours in the same day.

for that highly specialized type of contortion which is sometimes required to paint a particularly difficult-to-reach spot on a miniature figure while minimizing the risk of getting paint on, or otherwise damaging, other parts of the figure.

for coming up with a good new pun, then googling it and finding thousands of hits.

for wanting to set up a board game but being unable to because a small dog is on one's lap which whines every time one stops scratching its head.

for the act of holding one's breath specifically with the intent of improving one's aim with, e.g., a paint brush or a gun, regardless of whether the intent reflects the eventual reality.

for when one orders a set of fine-point brushes and puts off painting until said brushes arrive, only to discover, days before said arrival, that one already owns a set of fine-point brushes.

for having the single most popular post in a whole internet forum, by virtue of it being the only post in that forum.

for being in the mood to operate an airbrush, and nothing else.

for when a dog crawls up in one's lap uninvited.

for that girth which exists precisely halfway between two belt holes.

for that very specific #FirstWorldProblem pain caused by a computer OS upgrade which eliminates one's favorite color scheme from one's favorite editor, forcing one to select a less attractive color scheme.

for when one is ready to airbrush 58 #minis but cannot because their housemate is working from home in the room directly below where the not-exactly-quite airbrush compressor would be running.

for that type of swagger specific to heterosexual males when walking around in public in a bath robe.

for when the chirping of a bird outside is synchronized 100% with a UI animation on one's computer screen.

for when one passes gas which literally makes #TheDog gag.

for when season 4 shows up on #Netflix and one only then realizes that they have not yet watched season 3.

For when one is truly making an effort to enjoy a show, but the show moves sooooooo sllllllooooowwwwwwly.

For that precise point in time when an Oreo® cookie being dipped in coffee loses all structural integrity, collapses into countless crumbs, and sinks to the bottom of the cup.

for being simultaneously too hungry to sleep and too tired to prepare food.

for the moment one realizes that the German word Themen (engl. topics), when spoken with an English pronunciation, sounds either like "the men" or, perhaps, "semen" spoken with a lisp.

for peanut butter sprinkled with instant coffee powder.

for when one scrambles to Social Media to post about a seemingly humorous new idea, but then discovers, while writing it, that it either makes no sense whatsoever or that having to explain why it's humorous would ruin the humor of it.

for when one desperately needs to urinate, but standing up to do so would disturb #TheDog's sleep.

for when one accidentally taps an incorrect key combination, the software does something interesting, perhaps even useful, with it, and one spends the next ten minutes attempting, in vain, to try to figure out exactly which keys one pressed.

for that feeling when a small dog's tongue, during play, slips halfway up one's nose.

for when one wakes up the computer to watch Netflix, but then sees that there's an opened emacs window and instead slides down a programming rabbit hole for several hours before remembering what one initially sat down to do.

for being mere seconds away from falling asleep, only to be shocked back awake by the realization that one has forgotten to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

which encompasses both "mouse clicking" and "screen tapping", so that we needn't write clumsy descriptions like "click/tap the link/button/image..."

for the distinct sort of confusion caused by reaching the end of an audiobook, only to have it start reading from a chapter one has already read, leading one to think it's a plot twist.

for the phenomenon of not being able to understand a specific song lyric, or misunderstanding it, for decades on end, only to have its intended meaning suddenly, unexpectedly become clear upon hearing the song for the 387th time or to come to one entirely out of the blue while not listening to the song.

(Closely related: Mondegreen)

for preparing peanut butter on toast and realizing, after spreading the peanut butter, that one has forgotten to first toast the bread.

for that feeling of wanting to lay down on the couch but being unable to bring oneself to kick the space-hogging puppy off of it.

for that very specific type of tickle one gets when one's eyelashes rub against the back of an eye patch.

for when one harmlessly passes gas under a blanket and, half an hour later, turns over in bed, or otherwise disrupts the blanket, unleashing a stench inexplicably mightier than the original passing of gas could possibly have possessed.

(It's like flatulence... matures when incubated under a blanket.)

for that very specific moment when the writing in a show or film or book is so bad that one is immediately ejected from any immersion by the force of one's palm reflexively slapping one's face mightily.

for when you're reading through source code you wrote and find a feature you didn't remember even existed. (Analogous, for an author, would be re-reading his work and discovering a character he didn't remember writing. "Who is 'Chuck' and what's he doing in my story?")

for "Japanese has no word for that".

for when one desperately wants to bathe at four in the morning, but the water heater is configured to shut itself down from midnight to six A.M.

for that specific mix of sleeplessness and boredom which convinces one that it makes sense to walk half an hour to the nearest grocery store so that one may start shopping the moment they open (6am). On a Saturday.

for that sudden loss of appetite one experiences when one realizes that the fish they are trying to prepare has a "best before" date of almost three years ago.

for when you carefully craft a bit of documentation, only to later discover that you had already documented that exact same thing a year or more before a few paragraphs further down in the documentation.

for the inexplicable feeling of hatred towards completely banal things which there are literally no reasons whatsoever to hate. (For example, use of the word "delicious" to describe irony.)