Tabletop Gaming

Gaming, in this context, refers to tabletop gaming, primarily board games. Though i also collect some RPG-related stuff, i haven't actually sat around a table with other RPG players since 2002 or 2003 (it's just how circumstances have worked out).

In mid-2015 i came across my first cooperative board games and have been an active coop game player since then because coop games can, due to their nature, be played solo. i live on the a&& end of civilization and only rarely see other people, so coop games have been a godsend.

In the context of tabletop gaming, i also do a bit of painting.

This site collects various materials for some of the tabletop games i play. There is a great deal more, in the form of photos and utility files, hosted over on BoardGameGeek, reachable via my BGG profile page - see the various sections on the right side of that page for the links.

Historically, this site also offered reviews of video games for the Sony PSP and various Nintendo consoles, but i left the game console market around 2012 after discovering that Android devices gave me far more gaming for each Euro. (Sorry, Nintendo, but 40-60 Euros per cartridge simply can't compete with 1-10 Euros per Android game.) When this site was relaunched in 2018, the console game reviews were not ported over.

Photo Albums

Most of my games have a public photo album. Here are links to some of them (in alphabetical order (more or less) by game name)...

(Many more are not listed here!)