FlickFleet is a strategy/dexterity game created by Eurydice Dice in which players flick (with their fingers) plastic ships and dice around a playing surface, the goal being to eliminate the opponent's fleet.

My first encounter with FF was on social media in the summer of 2020, and shortly afterwards discovered that they were doing a short-run Kickstart to fun a new printing. Enthralled by the elegance and minimalism of the design, i bought in despite knowing that it's fundamentally a two-player game and i'm fundamentally a one-player gamer. Even so, it looks like fun to tinker with and i'm axiously, as of this writing (1 Sept. 2020) awaiting my copy (scheduled to arrive by mid-October or so).

The obligatory photo album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/onwVojjDefCneP5v9.

Ship Card Construction Kit

With Eurydice's permission i have ripped the graphics from their print-and-play distribution to create a "construction kit" with which players can make custom ship card designs. The idea is that players select a ship card template, then fill it out with components such as the various sorts of weapons and fighter bays. Each component (or group of components, in the case of identical pieces such as dice and circles) is a separate graphic file and can be dragged/dropped into the one a user is working on, then placed on the card however they like.

The construction kit can be downloaded from its source code repository.