Diceland, created by James Ernest of Cheapass Games fame, is a... well, we could probably call it an ingenious tactical combat game, but it's a bit too unique to stuff it into a single category. Diceland is played on a tabletop using a single type of playing piece: large 8-sided paper dice which look like this:

Diceland dice
To get a sense of the scale: those containers are keyboard boxes.

More photos can be found in this public photo album.

i enjoy playing Diceland but i often get annoyed at having to look up Special Effects rules across 5 different rules books/supplements. So i compounded the rules for all published Special Effects into a single document, which you can find here:

(Mr. Ernest, pleast don't sue me!)

That document will make no sense whatsoever to non-players, and it is not a standalone set of game rules. It requires a complete set of core Diceland rules (available for free from the Diceland web site) and, of course, some dice (which are not free and cannot be downloaded, but inexpensive copies can often be found for sale on the BoardGameGeek market (noting that there's also another, completely unrelated, game called Diceland)). The Special Effects are taken from all currently-available game sets, including Deep White Sea, Space, Ogre, Dragons, and Cyburg.

Interestingly, the Special Effects rules add up to more than four pages, which is longer than the whole Diceland core rules.