Enondas: Elves 'n Ogres 'n Dwarves (and such)

Achtung: the work described below is no longer maintained. It has evolved into Rob's Dungeon Game, and Enondas will be allowed to die off.

Enondas ("Elves 'n Ogres 'n Dwarves (and such)") is a light-hearted roleplaying system designed for high-fantasy roleplaying. It is strongly influenced by the classic Tunnels & Trolls system, and gamers familiar with that system will notice many similarities. Enondas is not, however, a simple T&T clone. Enondas merges classical RPG concepts, an experience point system taken from a couple Gameboy games (with a flat XP cost per level, regardless of current level), and merges those with a new skill system concept to produce a flexible and rules-light system for high-fantasy roleplaying.

Enondas was developed from 2004 to 2008. While the rules need a bit more work, playtesting, and fleshing out, the provided material should be enough for any avid dungeon hackers to get started.

License: Enondas is released into the Public Domain.

The core Enondas rules are available in OpenDocument and PDF formats right here:

If you're looking to play Enondas, or any other fantasy roleplaying game, on a tabletop, there are many fantasy-themed game counters available on the counters page and free gaming maps available on the maps page.