BGG: BoardGameGeek

Forewarning: "board game" vs "boardgame" - both are correct. Which variant i use depends entirely on what my fingers' muscle memory is in the mood for at the time., a.k.a. BGG, is the website for the world of board games. Anyone who's anyone in the board game market is active on BGG. BGG has an ever-growing database of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of games and offers communities for every one: forums, image galleries, and file storage (mostly where fans upload content they create, but some publishers also post materials there). BGG is a free service but offers users who donate at least 25 U$D/year get the option to disable all advertisements. (Paying the $25/year to disable ads has saved me literally thousands of Euros in Kickstarter projects i would have chased had i seen them advertised :|. Out of sight, out of mind!)

BGG is literally the site i visit most often, and easily the one i'm most active on. Though it may not look like one, it is my social media site of choice.