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Oddly enough, someone asked me whether i would use an RSS feed, or similar approach, to notify of updates to this site. i'm not going to use a dedicated RSS feed (as it's simply not something i use), but will go back to my old approach of maintaining a "news" page listing any notable additions or changes. That said...

The source code control system used by this site supports exporting a feed of changes, so here are the most recent source code checkins (RSS feed)...

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Note that checked-in changes may or may not yet be live on the site, but the site tends to be updated within minutes of any significant content-related commits (as opposed to commits to the tooling used for generating the site).

Summary by Month...

From newest to oldest...

Sept 2022

Added /computing/sqlite/ as my little shrine to the world of sqlite.

August 2022

Added /thereoughttobeaword/ as a place for collecting things for which #ThereOughtToBeAWord.

July 2022

Added /computing/wasm/ as a place for evangelizing WebAssembly.

May 2022

This site's web server software, althttpd, just got the ability to semi-transparently serve gzip-compressed copies of requested files, a feature this site now takes advantage of to reduce the over-the-wire cost of serving pages.

March 2022

Added /computing/cwal/whcl/, my latest programming language.

February 2022

The site has undergone a slight relaunch in the form of a new layout. It's mostly like the old layout but slightly less fidgety and requires less JS code.

January 2022

The family of domains was moved from a shared hoster (the only kind of hosting they've ever known) to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which was generously gifted by a long-time online colleague.

July 2021

Added /gaming/pnp/.

Dec 2020

Added /gaming/darkventure/.

Added /microfiction/.

Sept 2020

Added /gaming/flickfleet/.

August 2020

Added /computing/sbc/ as a place to evangelize SBC: Single-board Computers/Computing, e.g. the Raspberry Pi family of devices.

May 2020

Added /gaming/painting/airbrush/ as a dropping-ground for various airbrush-related tips, specifically on the topic of base-coating gaming miniatures.

March 2020

Created the cssminc CSS code minifier, a 100% dependency-free C89-compliant library and standalone application. Most CSS minifiers are huge and/or depend on node.js (which implies both huge and hundreds of dependencies). This one is a tiny C library with a trivial interface and 30-odd-kilobyte binary. The library itself compiles down to a mere 7kb of binary code. It's used to minify the CSS on this site, so it's known to work reasonably well.

December 2019

Overhauled the color scheme, having grown somewhat partial to dark themes the past year or so. It still isn't gorgeous, but that light blue background was getting on my nerves.

November 2019

Added /gaming/zombicide/ and set up

October 2019

The Hair... is no more.

June 2019

Added /gaming/bgg/.

Updated build process to support a per-subdirectory-tree menu which replaces the site-wide menu. This allows the various main sections of the site (namely /gaming/ and /computing/) to have their own menus, free of clutter from unrelatead sections of the site.

Added /gaming/7thcontinent/ for the game The 7th Continent.

May 2019

Added /gaming/rita/ for the game Rifles in the Ardennes.

Moved to a new hoster due to "cost creep" of the older one. My thanks to InMotion Hosting for making the move so painless and fast (only about 8 hours from the time the account was set up until the domain transfer was complete). Porting the sites over was, thankfully, painless as well, but did require a small amount of cleanup of cruft which had accumulated on the older hoster for a decade or so.

This /news page now imports the list of most recent checkins made to the site's source tree, fetched via the Fossil SCM's JSON API. Because we can.

Added /gaming/dungeondegenerates/.

March 2019

Added /gaming/talisman/ as my tiny shrine dedicated to the Talisman board game.

Added /gaming/painting/ as a home for any gaming-related painting articles i may end up writing.

November 2018

Site Search

The site now has a basic search feature (see the sidebar menu). In some 25 years of writing HTML, and all that goes with that, that's the first time i've ever implemented a search machine on a site. sqlite3's Full Text Search (FTS) engine does all of the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, its "content snippet" API, for presenting the partial text of matched pages to the user, makes it unduly difficult to use together with HTML content because the FTS engine is unaware of HTML and can present HTML-invalid output (e.g. truncating in the middle of an HTML tag). Thus the search feature doesn't show snippets of matched content, only the pages on which the content is found. (It would be perfectly suitable for plain text, but both its lack of HTML know-how and the specifics of its "snippet" API apparently make it ill-suited for providing matching snippets for HTML.)


The old BYOO app, a utility for the Ogre war game franchise, has been re-implemented for the new site.

October 2018: Site Relaunch

With the eminent demise of Google Plus, which had sort of become my online home since 2012, i finally found the inspiration to completely re-do this site (something i'd wanted to do for years, but lacked a good reason to justify the effort). The site was completely re-implemented to eliminate its dependency on PHP (which i once loved, many years ago, but have grown to despise) and to use a halfway "responsive" design, so it should work reasonably well on mobile devices (which is important for me, as most of my computing time nowadays is on a tablet). The new site serves, so far, only static HTML pages with a bit of JavaScript and a couple back-end CGI apps for certain data (e.g. the site search). The pages are generated using makefiles and scripts written in my very own programming language (how's that for geeky!).